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 [Guide] Ghost Ship Nation Dungeon

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PostSubject: [Guide] Ghost Ship Nation Dungeon   Wed Aug 19, 2009 1:17 pm

This is not my work at all.
This is from the main site's forums and a very kind person posted this.
At least look over this.

Quote :
WilliaM - 7/18/2009 8:34 AM

Ghost ship Requirements :

- Minimum 2-4 attack teams, minimum 1-3 defense teams (depending on how good your defense teams are)
- Minimum 20+ people
- Minimum level 95+

Attack teams : 1-3 people (high levels) who can take down enemy gates without killing the 2 towers.
Defense teams : 2 people who defend the nations gate (and join gate fight if its engaged).

Concerning gate defenders : Try not to get engaged, don't attack mobs right infront of the gate. Wait untill the mob engaged your gate, then join the gate battle. Kill most of the mobs and start healing gate. Stall the fight untill the gate area is cleared.

Ghost Ship Strategy :

Send your attack teams to kill the 1 enemy gate in Ghost Town (the enemy gate is located at the north part of Ghost Town, over the wooden bridge) (X), also send your Defense teams to Ghost Town because that's where your nation gate spawns (the nation gate is near Ghost Town portal ? up the stairs) (X).

Rest of the teams should kill Octopuses in Pirate Ship's Grave. Make sure you check everywhere in Pirate Ship's Grave for octopuses cause they like to hide.

IMPORTANT : The octopuses must be killed first before Ghost Town is cleared !!!
IMPORTANT : Fake mobs !!! There are fake mobs in Ghost Ship. Fake mobs DO NOT contain a mimic. If you have patrol license, check the mobs before you engage them. If the mob doesn't contain a mimic, the mob is a fake. Just ignore fake mobs. Fake mobs also don't ambush you, so if you don't have a patrol license and you are unsure whether it's a fake mob, just stand close to it. If it engaged you it's a real mob, if it doesn't, it's a fake.
IMPORTANT : If you die in Ghost Ship more mobs will spawn, so that's why most nations put up a level requirement for certain nation dungeons. The usual level requirement for Ghost Ship is 95+.

Once Pirate Ship's Grave is completed the King will receive a book called "Practical way to hunt monsters" in his mailbox. This book must be used in Damp Cabin in order to make the mobs easier. Damp Cabin can still be completed without using the book, but the mobs will be a lot harder.

Once the mob count in Ghost Town hits around 20 and if octopuses are dead, send your attack / defense teams to the next map (called Damp Cabin), so they can get into position. However, make sure the rest of the teams stay in Ghost Town to clear the remaining mobs.

There are 4 enemy gates in Damp Cabin (X), nation gate spawns near entrance again (X). If the 4 attack teams are in position before the enemy gates spawn, this floor should be cleared very fast. There are also 2 mini bosses (X) on this floor.

Next floor is pretty straightforward, 1 enemy gate in the middle (X), 4 towers around it. Send your attack teams to the middle to kill the enemy gate as soon as possible. Clear your gate area first (X), because there are a lot of mobs around the gate. Once the gate area is cleared, kill the remaining mobs on this floor.

The final Ghost Ship floor contains Davy Jones (can drop a heart, which is needed for the Sailor quest) and 2 enemy gates (X). Send 2 attack teams to kill the left gate and send 2 attack teams to kill the right gate. However, its quite hard to reach the enemy gates because there are a lot of mobs blocking the path, so send the remaining teams (not the defense teams) to clear the path to the gates for your attackers. Have a strong team ready to kill Davy, he???s quite tough.

And that's it folks, you have completed Ghost Ship, I hope this guide has made it easier for you to organize and finish Ghost Ship.

Please note that this strategy is based on my own, other kings might run GS differently.

Additional Information :

Ghost Town :

- Forgotten Warrior
- Forgotten Wizard
- Ancient High Priest
- Forgotten Matriarch

Pirate Ship's Grave :

- Sandy Octopus
- Green Octopus

Damp Cabin floor :

- Ancient Beast
- Flying Fish
- Brutal Ancient Beast
- Forgotten Monster
- Glittering Flying Fish
- Red Flying Fish
- Ancient Slayer

Cabin of Endless Dawn :

- Sea Hermit Crab
- Sea Anemone
- Big Clawed Crayfish
- Mammoth Hermit Crab
- Wounded Crayfish
- One-eyed Obiten

Davy Jones' Locker :

- Forgotten Monster
- Mutated Sailor
- Cursed Sailor
- Forgotten Matriarch
- Ancient Slayer
- Deep-Sea Boatswain
- Incarnation of Davy Jones
- Davy Jones' True Form

xXWilliaMXx from Myc server
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[Guide] Ghost Ship Nation Dungeon
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