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Weekend Pirate Run Schedule - Input please? [Link]
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 [Formation Request] Maniac Discuss HERE

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PostSubject: [Formation Request] Maniac Discuss HERE   Mon Aug 31, 2009 4:15 am

Hey I got a level 81 Maniac char.
I'm just having troubles thinking up good formations (For PVP)
I was thinking a front line killer type formation.

Anyone have any idea's they would like to share?
My current formation:

Sword MAIN Sword
Archer Axe Arty
Monk Prophet Monk
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PostSubject: Re: [Formation Request] Maniac Discuss HERE   Mon Aug 31, 2009 7:20 am

A spike formation?

I think post 100.. could be something like this?

Spartan - Maniac - LK
N.Vik - Pirate - Prophet
D.a/Monk - Exo - Monk

Spartan for a sword, LK for LS
Pirate instead of Arty, N.Vik for ridge

Not fond of the double monk, since you'll need certain mercs for a really nice spike build.
Of course, spartan's raw attk power is enough to crack down a front line fast.
Pirate obvious reasons.
I'd choose either Da or Prophet- Since your running no healer, Prophet (especially with 5 melee)
Could ultimately toss D.A for another monk if you so choose.

Only bad thing to this is you'll be susceptible to scrolls with one range.

Never tried that formation but seems like it could work o.o
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[Formation Request] Maniac Discuss HERE
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