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Weekend Pirate Run Schedule - Input please? [Link]
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 Pirate Nation Dungeon Run~

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PostSubject: Pirate Nation Dungeon Run~   Thu Aug 20, 2009 12:04 am

[ I will start calling for people 30 minutes before dungeon run down ]

Plans for the day.

When everyone is in meeting town, break into teams and sit with them.
I'll assign tasks and give an overview of the tasks if needed.

I'll also answer any questions that you might have.

Make sure to have read over this guide!!
- Clickie me!

A few key notes :

This dungeon is recommended for 97+
Usage of Blessing Potion/License is also highly recommended for those 95-102 level area.

This is a 7 Main+merc team dungeon. Choose wisely who you will bring.

Depending on how well you are equipped and your other merc's power, I'll assign tasks.

Parties can be up to you.
I suggest those 105+ be a group of 2.
Anyone below, groups of 3.
Anyone above 113 can solo or if they choose, duo.

Scrolls -
Res scrolls, life's blessing, and awakening will be your friend here.
Judgement and Freezing scrolls as well!

Coming in Late
If you want to participate coming in late, your more than welcome to, HOWEVER, you must find an open party.
If there are no open parties, you can wait to make a new one and I'll assign a task for you and your party, or wait til there is an open spot.
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Pirate Nation Dungeon Run~
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